TLA Volunteer Opportunities

One of the ways we protect our water quality is by the ongoing monitoring of our lakes and streams. There are several opportunities this summer for volunteers to get involved and help with these efforts:

Eastport Creek
One of the problem creeks identified by TLA in the Torch watershed is Eastport Creek, so it was put on the list of streams for the Volunteer Stream Monitoring program (VSM) in 2005. We currently need volunteer help to monitor the two sites on the creek. Our next training is on May 10th, with a field day on May 17th – followed by an indoor sorting/ID session at NCMC in Petoskey on June 1st.

If you are interested in helping out with monitoring of Eastport Creek, either now or in September, please contact Kevin Cronk at the Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council:

Kevin L. Cronk
Monitoring and Research Director
Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council
231-347-1181, ext. 109

E. coli Sampling
TLA performs E. coli sampling several times throughout the summer and can always use help with this effort. The E. coli training is scheduled for 6/5/2014 and will be conducted by Becky Norris. The location is expected to be Becky’s home, 4016 US 31 N (1.3 miles south of the M-88 intersection). The time is planned to be 9 AM. The participants will include available members of the Water Quality Committee and any others who are interested. Following the training session two teams will collect the stream monitoring samples and bring them back to Becky’s home. The samples will be taken to the SOS Analytical Lab in Traverse City. The spring stream sampling needs to be done before the TLA interns begin, so they will not participate in the 6/5/2014 session. They are scheduled to assist with the stream sampling 7/31/2014 and will receive their training at that time.

If you are interested in helping with the E. coli sampling please sign up here on the TLA website, send a note to or call us at 231-544-7221.

Additional Opportunities
For information on additional opportunities for getting involved with TLA, please check back here. We will post details as they become available.

Thank you for supporting Three Lakes Association!

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