Three Lakes Association is Seeking a New Executive Director

The Three Lakes Association, known for its science-based approach to environmental protection and water quality preservation, is seeking a new executive director.

The description of the position is provided below. You may also download it for reference: TLA Executive Director Position Description.

The successful candidate will possess excellent organizational, interpersonal, and communication skills. Interested parties should apply by March 15, 2017.

For further information, contact Tina, at 231-322-2787

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR – Description of the Position
The Executive Director for the Three Lakes Association (TLA) is an independent contractor, providing on average approximately 10 hours per week. The Executive Director is expected to assure the knowledgeable and consistent management of TLA’s activities. To that end, the Executive Director collaborates with the officers and directors in the formulation of policies and implementation of strategic plans, and provides an informed liaison for TLA’s public affairs. The Executive Director keeps the TLA Board abreast of significant legal, environmental, governmental, and social developments affecting, or likely to affect, water quality, and maintains a professional presence among groups of importance to TLA’s mission, such as governmental entities, other non-governmental environmental organizations, collegial lake associations, and academic organizations. As the professional face of the organization, the Executive Director is the primary point of contact with others.

Overview of the Responsibilities of TLA’s Executive Director:
The Executive Director is expected to attend TLA meetings, to monitor public information sources for environmental threats to the watershed, to coordinate and collaborate with Directors and Chairpersons in the formulation and implementation of programs, to collect and disseminate to
Board members content for Board meetings, to ensure that the TLA newsletter contains material relevant to the association’s mission, and to assist the association in seeking program funding through grants.

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