Swimmer’s Itch

Swimmer’s Itch Rack Card

Since there are still a few weeks left of good swimming in our lakes, we want to share this rack card area residents. We recently collaborated with other lake associations in the Elk River Chain of Lake to prepare this card. This card provides some information that we hope you find helpful.

The card was developed with the assistance of our local health department, and Freshwater Solutions, the firm we hired to conduct a comprehensive assessment of Swimmer’s Itch in our lakes.



Report Swimmer’s Itch

For additional information on Swimmer’s Itch, or to report an incidence of Swimmer’s Itch, please visit swimmersitch.ca, which is hosted by the University of Alberta, School of Public Health and contains information from across our country and Canada..


Part of the life cycle of the swimmer’s itch parasite include snails. This image shows some of the most common snails in our area which contribute to the Swimmer’s Itch life cycle.

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