Swimmer’s Itch Survey Results

Thanks to all of you who took the time to respond to the Three Lakes Association’s Swimmer’s Itch survey. 201 of you filled out the survey and a few more responded by telephone. A slight majority felt that Swimmer’s Itch is a problem of sufficient size to merit our attention.

Here is the response data summary: TLA Swimmers Itch Survey Responses
Here is the response data summary, including the comments: TLA Swimmers Itch Survey Responses and Comments

TLA is working out the details with a research scientist to participate in a multi-lake study of swimmer’s itch in our region this coming summer. Not all sites can be studied as the cost per site is substantial. If you feel your particular location should be considered, please let us know. TLA is also attempting to reach an agreement with a manufacturer to test an instrument that can be used in the field to measure the presence of the swimmer’s itch parasite.


Swimmer’s Itch Survey Results — 1 Comment

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