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Note: If you are a new member, please be sure you have submitted a membership application online or by downloading the TLA Membership Form and mailing it in.

When you join you may either ‘Subscribe’, which will create a recurring annual subscription, or you may join for just one year at a time. Please use one of the ‘Subscribe’ or ‘Pay Now’ buttons below to join TLA. You may also elect to receive the Michigan Riparian Magazine, for an additional $17/year.

By pressing a button below, you will be taken to PayPal’s website and returned to our website when your transaction is complete. You do NOT have to have PayPal account if you are making a one-time payment.

Use these ‘Subscribe’ buttons to Join TLA for on a continuing basis, at the level you choose. Your credit card will be charged annually at the level you select.

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Use these ‘Pay Now’ buttons to Join TLA for 1 year, at the level you choose. You may choose a subscription level with or without the Michigan Riparian Magazine Subscription.

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Life Membership

A Life Membership to Three Lakes Association is available for a one time payment of $2,000. Please use this button to join as a Life Member:

Alternate Membership Level

If you would like to join and include a donation with your membership at the same time, please use the button below and fill in the total amount of your dues and donation on the PayPal payment page. If you also want the Michigan Riparian Magazine, please add $15.00 to your total.