Large Woody Debris Demonstration Project

The Waterways Work Group (WWG) represents several local organizations, including TLA, Grass River Natural Area (GRNA), Elk-Skegemog Lakes Association (ESLA), Antrim Conservation District (ACD) and the Operator of Dams to install a pilot project of several log structures, LWD along the banks of the Grass River between Lake Bellaire and Clam Lake. This small-scale demonstration project is designed to do two things:

  1. Determine if log structures can improve the aquatic habitat of a river heavy with sediment.
  2. Determine if log structures along the riverbank can be a useful technique to improve navigability by deepening portions of the channel impacted by sediment built-up.

If successful, the log-structures technique could be applied to other sites throughout the Chain of Lakes.

For more information, read our overview.

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