Golden Brown Algae Update – July 14, 2016

Please join us on July 14, at 5:30 pm at the Kearney Township Hall (4820 Aero Park Drive, Bellaire) for an update on the Golden Brown Benthic Algae which has become increasingly visible in our lakes.

Golden Brown Benthic algae (GBA) is native to the local environment: it is not an invasive species and is Not Toxic.

University experts assisting us with the study of GBA will present the findings to date and help us understand this recent phenomenon throughout our waters.

Our Speakers will include:

  • Dr. Rex Lowe, U of M Biological Station
  • Dr. Pat Kociolek U of M Biological Station
  • Dr. Jan Stevenson MSU

Snacks and refreshments will be served following the one hour presentation.

Printable Flyer

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