Do you fish on Torch Lake?

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Fisheries Division is seeking your information about fishing on Torch Lake. As you are aware, Torch Lake is one of the most unique and valuable fishing opportunities in the State. Due to the size of Torch Lake it is very difficult for the DNR to collect data on the fish populations of Torch Lake on a frequent basis. In order to gather information from years that we can not conduct an angler survey or a netting survey, we often times ask anglers to send us their observations.

Attached you will find a data sheet on which to record your observations. In particular we are looking to solicit information from anglers who target Atlantic salmon, brown trout, and lake trout, but we would certainly appreciate information from anglers fishing for other species (bass, perch, panfish, etc.) as well. This information will be documented in our office files and used to help us make fisheries management decisions.

Full letter from the DNR: Torch Lake Vol Angler letter

Form to track fish: TorchLakeVolSurveyForm

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