TLA April ’17 Newsletter

The April, 2017 Newsletter is now available: TLA April Quarterly 2017  This issue contains articles on the following topics: Fish Shelters; five year project successfully completed! President’s Message – Such Sweet Sorrow Septic Systems: Advocating for Water Quality Protection Watershed Stewardship … Continue reading


Heavy stones used to protect soil from the action of fast-moving water. True restoration tries to eliminate or minimize the use of riprap, using plants with strong root systems to anchor soil instead (e.g. willows). The use of riprap can … Continue reading

Algal bloom

large, visible masses of algae that develop in bodies of water during warm weather. Algal blooms are the result of excessive levels of nutrients (generally phosphorus or nitrogen) in water. A Glossary of Water-Related Terms. (n.d.). Retrieved April 03, 2017, … Continue reading


Strip of natural vegetation growing parallel to a stream that provides wildlife habitat and an erosion and flood buffer zone. This strip of vegetation also retards rainfall runoff down the bank slope and provides a root system that binds soil … Continue reading