Board of Directors

Executive Director

Jeanie Williams


Mike Bertram, President
Fred Sittel, Vice President
Ed Gourley, Treasurer
Tina Norris Fields, Secretary and Past President

Committee Chairs

Water Quality: Becky Norris
Education: Tina Norris Fields
Membership: Todd Collins
Cooperative Lakes Monitoring Program: Duane Drake, Coordinator
Water Safety: Art Hoadley
Publicity: vacant
Finance: Ed Gourley
Bylaws: Tina Norris Fields
Archivist-Historian: Tina Norris Fields
Grants: vacant

Zone Directors

A. Clearwater Township: Tina Norris Fields, Cheryl Lynn Fields
B. Milton Township: Rick Doornbos, Greg Fredericksen
C. Torch Lake Township: Mike Novak, vacant
D. Central Lake Township: Todd Collins, Steve Laurenz
E. Forest Home Township: Fred Sittel, Phil Weiss
F. Helena Township: vacant, vacant
G. Custer Township: Mike Bertram, vacant
H. Kearney Township: Duane Drake, Ann McClelland

Directors at Large

Dean Branson, Norton Bretz, Art Hoadley, Gary Knapp, Leslie Meyers, Becky Norris

Director Emeritus

Len Franseen
Stan Dole